Adinah Dancyger

Name: Adinah Dancyger

Occupation: Filmmaker

Social Media Handle: @adinahdancyger

Photo: Zoe Adlersberg

01. Three words that describe you?




02. What’s your best and worst quality?

Best: indecisive 

Worst: indecisive

03. Quality you most admire in a person? 


04. Greatest love of your life?

The steam that emanates from KBBQ grills. 

05. Secret talent or a skill or trait you wish you had?

Fly fishing

06. A piece of clothing or item that has a story behind it, what is it and what’s the story? 

A black Levi’s denim jacket I found in a large warehouse in NJ. It’s seen so much. One of my favorite things I’ve ever had, but that’s why I recently gave it to a dear friend who will care for it in their own way and have their time with it. 

07. Share with us the last meme, Tweet or Instagram post that made you laugh out loud.

08. What’s one thing you’ve done this year to live more consciously?

Working with rather than working against

09. Place where you are happiest?

Dancing collectively or alone — any space that hosts that.

10. What is a cause you believe in and what’s an organization that supports it that you’d like people to know about?

Cause: Food equity Organization: Heart of Dinner

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