Audrey Louise Reynolds

Name: Audrey Louise Reynolds

Occupation: Artisanal dyer and founder of sustainable ethical clothing brand

Social Media Handle: @audreylouisereynolds

Photo: Helena Christensen

01. Three words that describe you?

Floral, mischievous, horny

02. What’s your best and worst quality?

Hmmm ... my best quality probably is my ability to find laughter and joy even in the worst of dark and painful situations, which can just get me to the other side. My worst quality is probably how I shutdown when I'm hurt by something — it's a weird armor I have that I'm trying to just not be so all or nothing, instead of barricading up the fortress and being like F off to everyone outside.

03. Quality you most admire in a person?


04. Greatest love of your life?

My family and friends

05. Secret talent or a skill or trait you wish you had?

Flying, I'd save a lot on air fares — plus it sounds fun

06. A piece of clothing or item that has a story behind it, what is it and what’s the story?

A dress I have that was my nana's design from when she worked at Vogue Patterns in the 50s

07. Share with us the last meme, Tweet or Instagram post that made you laugh out loud.

That pic of gauged ears next to calamari ... laugh/barf

08. What’s one thing you’ve done this year to live more consciously?

I'm moving into living off my land with chickens, mushrooms, fruits, flowers, veggies, etc., as well as mostly growing all my own dye stuff or foraging; my carbon footprint is getting really small! Going to see just how well I can live with no negative impact to anyone else, that's really appealing to me.

09. Place where you are happiest?

In Helena's mountain pool swimming while we talk the day away

10. What is a cause you believe in and what’s an organization that supports it that you’d like people to know about?


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