Tyler Yassky

"Remembering when doing something that it's more important to find my way rather than the right way."

Who: Tyler Yassky

What: Artist/Teacher/Musician/Songwriter 

Where: @_yasskey

01. Three words that describe you? 

Patient, resourceful, understanding.

02. What’s your best and worst quality? 

Best: My ability to observe and listen to others. Worst: overthinking.

03. Quality you most admire in a person?  

Open ears/open hearts.

04. Greatest love of your life? 

Words. Music.

05. Secret talent or a skill or trait you wish you had? 

1000% wish I could dunk a basketball.

07. A piece of clothing or item that has a story bhind it, what is it and what's the story?

A necklace of a mushroom and sun that my grandfather drew the design for, almost everyone in my family has one.

08. What’s one recent change you’ve made to live more consciously? 

Remembering when doing something that it's more important to find my way rather than the "right"way.

09. Place where you are happiest? 

Little spoon.

10. What is a cause you believe in and what’s an organization that supports it that you’d like people to know about?

An I currently work for a non-profit called Art Start as a teaching artist so I'm a strong believer in providing resources, mentorship and outlets for creative expression to marginalized youth. Extending past the classroom and to communities at large.

Extra credit: 

Sign of the zodiac (and what you think that says about you)

Virgo. I'm not organized but I am particular.

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