Peter Sutherland

BSC 10
May 18, 2022

Name: Peter Sutherland

Occupation: Photographer

Social Media Handle: @petersuthetland

Photo: Peter Sutherland

01. Three words that describe you?

I love life

02. What’s your best and worst quality?

Best - inspired / Worst - not always seeing the positive

03. Quality you most admire in a person?

Over all good energy

04. Greatest love of your life?

Maia Ruth Lee, anyone that knows her gets it : ) <3

05. Secret talent or a skill or trait you wish you had?

Playing guitar or doing a hand plant on a skateboard

06. A piece of clothing or item that has a story behind it, what is it and what’s the story?

1991 Lolapalooza concert tee. First real concert and a major coming of age moment for me. I wore the shirt most days afterwards until it disintegrated

07. Share with us the last meme, Tweet or Instagram post that made you laugh out loud.

08. What’s one thing you’ve done this year to live more consciously?

Tried eating all plant based

09. Place where you are happiest?

Surfing in the ocean with friends and family nearby.

10. What is a cause you believe in and what’s an organization that supports it that you’d like people to know about?

The Fresh Air Fund